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Dave Bartram Q&A Summer 1999

Dave Kennedy from Chapel-en-le-Frith:
I guess this might be a bit personal, but when Malc, Bill and Russ left the band, was there a serious fall-out or was it an amicable parting, and would you and the lads consider asking those three to join up with you all again, maybe for one gig at least?
DB: Malcolm Allured left in 1984 - his heart was no longer in the band. Since then there have been a lot of problems with him. He tried to form a rival Showaddywaddy without our consent, which led to Court action which was awarded in our favour, in the form of an injunction. Malcolm always possessed an inflated ego, his actions were hurtful, unnecessary & malicious.
Russ Field was asked to leave in 1985. Bill Gask was sacked in 1987. The partings were acrimonious & almost led to the band splitting up in 1988. However with a lot of hard work & a committed attitude from the remaining members this was turned around. The present line up is the most harmonious in the bands history. There would be no possibility of reuniting with the former members - even for one gig.

This question for Rod and Al: I'm a bass player in a band and play a Fender Precision '54 reissue through a Trace Elliot combo. What, in your opinion are the best basses and amps and what do you play through?
DB: They use on stage Peavey customised 150 Combo, with external 15 inch Cab. The main reason for this is that the band are sponsored by Peavey (who are, like Jive Entertainment, based in Corby also). Rod also uses for recording a Peterson Bass 150. Guitars used are: Status, Washburn Acoustic & 1960 Fender Jazz.

Matthew Spicer from Windsor:
What was the fascination with Curtis Lee?
DB: No particular fascination with Curtis Lee just thought some of his songs were ideal for the 'Waddies'.

How did you choose the old doo-wop songs to cover or was it just you?
DB: Many songs were sent by publishers, DJ's, friends & found by ourselves. We would regularly have listening sessions & democratically choose all songs for recording!

Were there any other classics that you nearly did covers of?
DB: Numerous! 'Whole Lotta Woman' by Marvin Rainwater, 'Buzz Buzz Buzz' by the Hollywood Argyles, 'Do The Hucklebuck' by Chubby Checker were just a few!

Graham Goodall:
Why can't we get "The One and Only" released?
DB: The One & Only will never be released due to dispute with CMC Records

Can the band talk Polygram into releasing 'New Faces' on video?
DB: Polygram have no interest in such a release.

Has Dave got any good concert videos? There must be one somewhere!
DB: I do have some concert videos in my private collection, but the sound quality is not good - they were not recorded professionally.

Which big venues did the band play 1974-1977? My first wasn't until London Finsbury Park Rainbow in 1978!
DB: Hammersmith Apollo, Palladium, Albert Hall to name but a few.

When and where was the first London gig?
DB: The Five Kings in Ilford.

Some questions from myself!:
Did you ever release any 12" singles, any records with coloured vinyl or any limited edition sleeves?
DB: There was a 12 inch remix of 'Under The Moon Of Love' released in 1986 on Genie Records - same old story, it was withdrawn following legal action (it was crap anyway).

'Out On The Town' was to be a single in 1984 but I understand this wasn't released. Is this right and if so, were there ever any copies pressed? I know it was the b-side to 'Why?' in 1987, but this was a different version to the '84 one.
DB: The '84 version you refer to was a live TV recording, no other versions anywhere!

I understand that 'Good Times' was to be released as a single (according to the December 1981 issue of your newsletter). Was this ever released as a single?
DB: Good Times was never released as a single - although I personally think it should have been.

Are you still enjoying touring and playing with the band after all these years?
DB: The travelling doesn't get any easier, but it's still a lot of fun being on the road with the guys!

Is there any unreleased material, especially from the '70s and '80s that you might consider releasing in the future, for example a "demos" CD?
DB: I am actually talking to a company about "unreleased masters" & a possible new album!

Did you make any more videos for songs apart from those that were on the official video release from 1987? If so, do you plan to release these?
DB: No other videos available

When did the original fan-club close down, and are you still in contact with any of the people who ran it, Shiela, Susan or Ann?
DB: The fan club closed in 1983 when we left our previous management. Saw Sheila once, but don't remember Susan or Ann.

Out of all the drum kits Romeo has played over the years, which is his favourite that he has played?
DB: Romeo's favourite kit is the Premier Ginista which he uses at present, although he was very fond of his Ludwig kit in the late 70s!

I have got two tv appearances of Out On The Town - the Knee's Up one and one which I think is from a kid's show. The Knee's Up one is with Malcolm and the other is without. Was the the Knee's Up show Malcolm's last tv appearance with the band?
DB: I think Knees-Up was Malcolm Allured's last TV show!

Why was it decided not to actually release Out On The Town as a single?
DB: The company involved at the time did not think "Out On The Town" was right style for Showaddywaddy

According to the Guiness Book of British Hit Singles, a few of your singles didn't get into the charts, for example, 'Take Me In Your Arms' and 'Doo Wah Diddy'. Were you surprised and disappointed at this, and do you think the info is right and they did at least get in the top 75?
DB: I was disappointed with "Take Me In Your Arms" as I wrote the song! "Doo Wah Diddy" was not properly promoted by Arista at its time of release.

I noted your comment that you would have liked 'Good Times' to be released as a single. Are there any other recordings you would have liked to have been singles or even, any less-successful singles that you might have preferred were never released as singles in the first place?
DB: I thought "Footsteps" & "Good Timing" were awful singles! "Don't Turn Your Back On Me Baby" should've been a single as should "Personality" in my opinion.