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Russ Field Q&A 1999

During 1999, I made contact with Russ Field, lead guitarist with Showaddywaddy from its inception in 1973 until 1985. Russ kindly agreed to partake in a Q&A for, with questions sent in by fans of the band.

Stefan Morgan from Pontypridd, Rhondda, Mid Glamorgan:

Why did you leave the band?
In 1984 the band was approached to do a Halloween mini-tour of Ireland. The shows were poorly promoted and the contracted fees were never paid in full. In 1985 the same promoter asked us to return for another tour. On behalf of the band (for whom I was acting as treasurer and with their complete endorsement) I contacted the promoter and undertook that we would accept the follow-up tour with the proviso that the outstanding fees be forthcoming in advance. He responded by offering to pay the balance once the band were back in Ireland! I considered this to be not only unethical and amoral, but tantamount to blackmail. For whatever their reasons at the time, the rest of the band elected to return to Ireland. I never played with them again.

Are you still in the music industry?
I don't have the time!

Do you miss playing with the band?
I did miss it for a while but as with everything else in life, one moves on to new challenges. I have to say that the band was never the same in spirit after Malc Allured left. He was the catalyst who got us all together in the first place - (with Bill Gask he offered finance to buy our first stage outfits and provided transport), and was the inspiration behind all the stage routines. Once he left, the spark went out of the live performances and they gradually deteriorated into more and more of a one man show.

Do you keep in touch with any of the band?
Malc is the only one I am in touch with. If you get the chance, listen to the CD featuring Malc, Bill and Ray Martinez - 'The Teddys, Red Hot & Live' - it's what live rock 'n' roll is all about!

What have you been doing since 1985?
My wife and I owned and ran a gymnasium/health-club for a short while before returning to my native North East in 1989. Since then we have both been heavily involved with the promotion and regeneration of tourism in North Northumberland.

I hope you are still playing guitar.
Yes, but only now as a hobby.

Dave Kennedy from Chapel-en-le-Frith:

Have you played in any other band since leaving Showaddywaddy or been involved in the music business in any other way?
Whilst still in the Midlands I played the local clubs as a duo with a friend called Dave Woodward (would you believe 'Russ & Dave)! Since returning to the North East I have done occasional gigs with some old school friends as well as a few charity events.

These questions are asked by David O'Carroll from Shepperton:

Where did you receive the best reception when you toured?
My favourite shows were always at my 'local' venue, the Newcastle City Hall, but for sheer enthusiasm and volume I will never forget playing sold-out nights at the Glasgow Apollo where you could actually see the balconies moving with the fans jumping up and down!

What was your worst gig and why?
Pick any from the 1984 Halloween tour of Ireland with deplorable promotion and poor accommodation, although the few attendees were absolutely brilliant and the beauty of the Irish countryside almost made up for it all.

What is your favourite Showaddywaddy track?
It has to be 'I Don't Like Rock'n'Roll No More' which would have made a great single, but unfortunately wasn't considered to be politically expedient as it featured the 'wrong' lead vocalist.

What was your worst?
Having just obtained a copy of 'Living Legends' (many thanks Paul) after many years, I think I will go for 'Fooling Around With My Heart'.

Of the other bands around at the time, were you friendly with any?
We were friendly with most of our peers such as Slade, Bay City Rollers, Mud, Glitter Band etc.

Would ever rejoin the band if asked?

And some questions from myself:

Do you play in a band at the moment?
Not on a regular basis, doing the odd charity event and sitting in with other local bands.

What is your current career?
The promotion and development of tourism in North Northumberland.

Have you ever been asked to join other bands since leaving SWW?
I had several offers but didn't want to commit myself to anything of a permanent nature.

Any chance you could send me a recent photo of yourself?
If I had one I would, but as I am notoriously camera shy it might be a while before I face a lens again!