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Dave Bartram Q&A - 30th October 1999

From Andy Charman in London:
Dave, when you did a tour in Germany, I think it was in Dortmund, Westfallia Stadium, Romeo had his discs stolen from his pub, did he ever get them returned?
DB: Romeo has never owned a pub, I think the discs belonged to long gone member Malcolm Allured. His heart was never in the band & he left to run a pub, I understand that the stolen discs were a publicity stunt to advertise the pub! [See footnote 1]

Dave Kennedy from Chapel-en-le-Frith:
What in your opinion has been the highlight of your Showaddywaddy career to date and also what was the low point?
DB: Highlight was number one album at Christmas time in `78 - every artist wants the Christmas top album! [See footnote 2]. Low spot is that we should have been a 6 piece from day one!

I joined the old fan club, when this closed did a new one start up and is there a fan club running at the moment?
DB: The Fan Club no longer exists, though letters etc. can be sent to Jive Entertainments!

David O'Carroll from Shepperton:
When are you going to release any new records/CDs? It drives me mad when all I can see in the shops are the greatest hits.
DB: We are currently negotiating a new album project for next year! Watch this space!

Which members of the group actually wrote the songs?
DB: Dave Bartram & Trevor Oakes wrote all the bands original material!

Whose decision was it to record Under the moon of love as this was a slight change in direction for you? Was it because 'Take Me In Your Arms' never charted?
DB: Under the Moon of Love was given to us by a Rock & Roll DJ in Leicester. We all loved the song & so recorded it! (Thankfully) [See footnote 5]

When are you going to release all the albums on CD?
DB: Crimson Plc plan to release all the albums in the next 12 months or so! [See footnote 6]

The first two albums, Showaddywaddy and Step Two were absolutely wonderful. Then you had a change of direction with Trocadero - why this change?
DB: I personally thought Trocadero to be one of our best albums, certainly from a creative point of view!

Have you ever thought about returning to the rockier music as in the first two albums? I think you would surprise alot of people and be onto a winner.
DB: We did a much rockier album in 1991 on Jump Boogie & Jive, I think future recordings will reflect very much what we do on stage!

Debbie Pearson in Leeds:
Having been to several shows I notice you often 'pick' on a member of the audience to sing a certain song to (or even sit in their lap!) - how do you choose? Do you make a determined effort not to pick shy people who might be embarrassed, or is it funnier if you do?
DB: I don't choose anyone too carefully, it's purely spontaneous. If someone looks fun loving or cuddly then I am drawn to them!

From Chris and Sandra Hartland in Wales:
Why did Showaddywaddy wear the Teddy Boy Jackets and where did the expression "Teddy Boys" come from?
DB: The Teddy Boy suits were synonymous with the music we were playing! The expression comes from the 'Edwardian' style of clothes!

Stephen Shaw from Northern Ireland asks:
Why were "Three Good Reasons" and "Dot Dot Dot" never released as singles or even album tracks?
DB: "3 Good Reasons" & "Dot Dot Dot" were not considered good enough for public consumption! [See footnote 3]

And some more questions from myself!
Are there any live audio recordings rather than videos you might consider releasing
DB: We have tried live recordings in the past but can't seem to capture the on stage atmosphere!

I have read that some members owned different shops in the past, eg record shops etc. Who owned which shops and are any still owned by the various members?
DB: The shop you mentioned was part owned by former member Bill Gask. it ran in to financial problems many years ago & was taken over shortly afterwards. I was a partner in a clothes shop in Nottingham in the late 70's and got ripped off by the partner, so called it a day to concentrate on the industry I knew & loved! [See footnote 4]

Do you plan to make another "comeback" and release a single, maybe one that would fit in with today's chart style? I know "Why?" wasn't that successful chart-wise when it was released, but I remember you did a lot of television around that time.
DB: It would be foolish to try a new style of music, our motto is 'stick to what you're good at', but you never know in the rock & roll industry what may be around the corner!