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Dave Bartram Q&A - 9th July 2000

The first few are from myself
You say that the song "Lost" is very close to your heart - what was it about?
"Lost" was written after a break up with a girl I had been engaged to, I was heartbroken at the time! I can't really add much else to that! [See footnote 1]

Why was it decided to credit the group's own songs to all eight members of the band rather than just yourself, Trevor or Al, and do you regret that decision now?
It was decided - much to my own & Trevor's chagrin that all 8 members should be credited, this was one of the problems with having so many members in the band. It was a stupid decision as it did not encourage myself or Trevor to be really creative, and there was still for some reason jealousy towards the 2 of us for being the main writers!

Apart from yourself Trevor and Al, did any other members write any of the songs?
The only song I can think of is "Windows" which was the idea of Bill Gask, however the final result was unrecognisable from the original demo, after input from the rest of the band.

Did you record any other songs for a new solo LP in '83 apart from the ones on the single? There was talk of you recording one at the time. Or was an LP ever released?
There were 12 songs that I recorded with producer Phil Wainman for a proposed solo album, however the dreaded band politics prevented the album from being released! [See footnote 2]

Does the Fosse Way Hotel still exist as a pub and do you ever call in? If so, do they have any sort of memorabilia in the pub to show that it was where Showaddywaddy came together?
The Fosseway is still in Leicester, but it is now a dining type pub owned by a large organisation, there is no memorabilia! - Shame really!

Stephen Shaw from Northern Ireland asks:
I noticed from watching Through the keyhole, a few weeks ago, which featured Dave's house, that he was a big Beach Boys fan. What I would like too know is why haven't the group recorded any of their material?
The Beach Boys have always been a major influence on my career, but their songs could never be bettered, they are somewhat sacrosanct!

Jacky from Newcastle writes:
What does he do with all the presents I give him at shows? I have heard he gives them to his daughter but is this true? Also I really enjoy all your shows. Thanks for your willingness to pose for all the photos I have in my possession - they make a good collection. Thanks to Trevor for letting me up on stage at South Shields in December to play guitar with him, I have waited a long time to do that!
The presents were given to my daughter Holly when she was really young, any cuddly toys or similar received these days are passed on to various needy children!

Question from Paul Young, Edinburgh
Do you have any plans to play in Edinburgh in the near future?
We would love to come back up to Edinburgh, but nothing planned at present!

One for Trevor from Claire Whelan in Wakefield:
Does Trevor remember coming to Northallerton in 1991 and going into a pub with Steve Cooney because I nearly fainted when he walked in!?
Trevor does remember meeting a young lady at a pub in Northallerton and says hello - why didn't you buy him a drink?

Sari from Japan would like to know:
Could you ask Dave his marital status?...Of course it can be dismissed if it is seen to be too personal.
I am married, but If I come to Japan perhaps you could show me the sights?

Peter from Cardiff asks:
I understand that you are in the process of writing a book of the last 26 years with Showaddywaddy. How are you getting on with it and have you any idea when it may be be released?
Peter - The book has been a long drawn out affair, I have written about 100 pages of various experiences, but with the Management company & being on the road constantly, there is so little time to really get my teeth into it. Maybe I'll finish it in a couple of years time!