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Dave Bartram Q&A - 15th February 2000

Valerie Vernall from Falkirk:
Have you ever considered writing a book about SWW?
I have actually started a book based on experiences shared with the band over the last 26 years, I really need to get back to it, which I intend to do when things are not quite so busy!

How did Danny come to join the band?
In 1995 when Ray Martinez departed from the band, we had been tipped off as to how talented Danny was. After going to see him play in his band at the time, we were suitably impressed, not only with his guitar playing but also his excellent singing ability. Danny is also a very real person and has been a wonderful acquisition for the band!

What song do you enjoy singing the most?
On record the song I loved singing most was "Lost" as this was very close to my heart. On stage I love performing the "Eddie Cochran Mix" that we put together last year, now that's real rock & roll!

David O'Caroll from Shepperton:
You released a record in the late seventies under the name of "Jock Swan and the Metres" Who were the metres and who played the instrumental B- Side?
Interesting one this! "Jock Swan & the Metres" featured 5 of the original band i.e. Myself Dave, Rod, Trevor, Romeo & Russ Field.
The song was recorded to commemorate the change of waveband for Radio 1 from 247 metres to 275/285 and featured a whole host of Radio 1 DJ's attempting to sing on the choruses. The B Side featured the same 5 band members and was a sort of tribute to the Shadows! We didn't do anything else as a band under any other aliases! I'll have to dig out my copy to find out what label it was on! [See footnote 1]

Also, when the two bands met did they previously know each other?
Yes, the 2 bands had known each other for some time prior to amalgamating.

And questions from myself:
Did Choise or The Hammers ever record any songs and were they released into the general market?
Choise (which is still intact) recorded a number of songs, 3 were produced by Labi Siffre who was a huge fan, these were never released as they were just before SWW was formed and there may have been a conflict of interest! One song by the Choise, "Cecilia" was released on Page One Records in 1969. The Hammers did not make any recordings that were ever released. [See footnote 2]

Were any of Showaddywaddy's songs taken from Choise and The Hammers from when they were individual groups?
A number of Choise songs written by myself & Trevor were featured on the early albums such as:- The Party, Rollercoaster, Don't Turn Your Back On Me Baby, Glory Woman, even Hey Rock & Roll was originally written as a Choise song! The Young Indian Brave, If You Know What I Mean, Blue Jean Baby, Paint Your Picture, Smilin' Eyes & Everybody On Your Feet! "Feelin'" (on Red Star) was a Choise song written by Al James (or Jeff Betts as he was at the time). The Hammers did not perform any original material!

Is it correct that 'Cutie' was released as a single in the Caribbean?
Cutie was released in the Carribbean and I gather was quite successful, unfortunately not enough so for us to have toured there! The song was written by myself & was just an idea I had inspired by one of my Dad's old cars!

Whichever album turns out to be a favourite (as per the poll on the site), would you consider putting more songs from that album into your live show?
We are always looking to improve the live show. If there is anything thought to be outstanding enough on the new album, then yes, we would play it live! [See footnote 3]

Was "Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus" released as a single? If so, what was the b-side?
Only promotional copies of "Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus" were available, however it is available on 3 German Christmas albums! The B side was one of Trevors' songs entitled "Sympathy". It may be available from President Records!

Debbie Hamilton from Merseyside:
What do your respective families and friends think, about you all still rockin' and rolling after all these years?
Our families are very supportive, I suppose they've gotten used to it by now!

If you hadn't been involved with the music industry, what would you have done, or be doing now?
I studied Telecommunications before turning 'pro' as a musician, but really only wanted to do one thing - I have been lucky enough to be doing it for 28 years!

Do you have any plans to 'relaunch' with a new single?
I think that the singles market today reflects a far younger record buying public than it used to, so it would be highly unlikely that we would as you put it "relaunch" with a new single. However, stranger things have happened in this industry!