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Dave Bartram Q&A - 17th December 2000

Raf from Belgium would like to know:
What was the biggest selling record SWW ever sold?
DB: "Biggest selling single was "Under The Moon Of Love" which sold in excess of a million copies. Biggest selling album was Greatest Hits 76-78 which sold more than 3 million copies." [See footnote 1]

Have you any concerts planned in Belgium in the near future?
DB: "We have had a few enquiries for Belgium, but the promoters over there keep a very tight rein on their purse strings, so unfortunately there is nothing in the pipeline!"

Teresa Price from Harlow,Essex says:
Please could you settle an arguement that me and my big brother have been having on and off for years: He claims that around 1974-75 you played a gig at the Harlow Town Bandstand which he went to watch and which I wasn't allowed to as I was to young. He also says that other groups that were big at that time also played like The Rubettes. I have never known if he is telling me the truth or just winding me up as he knows how much I love SWW!
DB: "Teresa, we have never played at the Harlow town bandstand, although I do remember playing 2 houses in a small Harlow theatre some years ago!"

Also what is the favourite venue that you have played at?
DB: "Favourite venue always used to be Glasgow Apollo, sadly it was knocked down in the '80s." [See footnote 2]

Not a question as such, but a message for Trev: could you please say that Sue Roulet, (Jenkins when I knew Trevor), said hello and I hope he is well and happy.
DB: "Trevor is very well and content and sends his regards and best wishes for Christmas!"

Nillan Fakira from Japan asks:
Has Dave got a younger brother called Carl?
DB: "Nillan, no I don't have a younger brother, my brother Jim is 2 years my senior!"

Julie from Weymouth asks:
When you are actually on stage performing do you ever feel bored & wish you were somewhere else or do you always feel as happy and exhilarated as you look?
DB: "The only time I don't feel right on stage is when I'm unwell. I could not perform in a band that goes through the motions."

Also can you define in words what makes your music so special because it doesn't matter how many times I listen to the same songs, they never fail to make me feel all happy & tingly!
DB: "We have always set out to make our music with a bit of life in it, there is a 'feelgood factor' about our style! It's a very flattering comment to say our songs make you feel happy & tingly!"

Georgina from Sussex asks:
I have been a Showaddywaddy fan since the age of 5 and have seen them in concert in the eighties and nineties over 40 times. However, last time I saw Showaddywaddy a year or so ago, I was most disappointed to see that Dave no longer sang the high falsetto notes that I love. Has he damaged his voice?
DB: "I'm not quite as young as I used to be, some of those falsetto notes were high even for a young man! Unfortunately some of the choir-boy like purity has gone from my voice. However I still sing all the songs in their original keys and am very happy with my voice of late, but prefer not to do too much falsetto as it's a little gruff sounding!"

Claire Whelan from Wakefield, West Yorks:
When I used to be in the fan club, in 1980 and I got the biogs with all their info on, it said on Dave's that he was born in Santa Anna, California. Is this true as I have never heard it repeated anywhere? I am eager to know as it will set my mind at rest.
DB: "Claire, no I was not born in Santa Anna, California. There was a joke made in the early 70s about my slight American accent on stage, for some reason the Record Company picked up on the joke and put it in various articles in the music press!" [See footnote 3]

Gary Oyitch asks:
In the mid-eighties I think, I believe SWW had another chap on lead guitar. It was in between the stints of Russ and Ray and his name was Rick Willson. A left hander, he didn't really seem to fit in or look the part. Can you tell us any more about this Dave?
DB: "Yes you're quite right, just after the time that Russ Field had been asked to leave the band, Rick (who incidentally is Danny's brother) helped us out on a few gigs. It was never to be a permanent move as Rick was playing in a pretty successful band called "Diesel Park West" who had a couple of minor hits in the 80s!" [See footnote 4]

Question from John Carr of Widnes, Cheshire for Rod and Al:
Please can you tell me what gauge bass strings Al and Rod use?
DB: "Rod and Al use Rotosound Roundwound Medium gauge strings!"

Keith Hudson has a question for Romeo, plus a couple of others:
Romeo, can you tell us which Black Widow tracks or albums you played on prior to SWW?
DB: "Romeo played on all Black Widows recordings, which comprised of 2 albums." [See footnote 5]

Did SWW enjoy the Carterton open air gig in Oxon recently? They certainly seemed to!
DB: "Carterton was a great night, there's something special about playing under a starry sky on a warm summers evening!"

Which members of SWW are on the net and do they look at the site? It would be great to know if you look in.
DB: "Myself, Danny and Rod are on the net, Romeo's son Ben is also on-line and Romeo sometimes 'dabbles' on the net." [See footnote 6]

And finally, a couple from myself:
What do you think of the SWW 'tribute band', Shomaddmaddy?
DB: "Danny has seen Showmaddymaddy and was not that impressed, apparently they don't have a live drummer, and he said the thing was a bit of a send up, but not very good quality."

You did a some shows out in Hong Kong and Japan in the '70s - have you been invited, or plan to go back in the future?
DB: "We do get enquiries for the Far East from time to time, however recent offers have not been very lucrative."

Do you ever feel like bringing back some of your old songs to play and make them feel fresh again, for example Sweet Music, that you re-recorded for the One & Only CD?
DB: "Oddly enough we were rehearsing a new sequence while we were in Cyprus which includes "Sweet Music" & "Rock & Roll Lady"; this should be featured in the set pretty soon."

What about Say Mama? Al hasn't done that for a year or so!
"We always felt that "Say Mama" was nowhere near as good without a piano, with guitars only it's a pretty ordinary rock & roll song."

Did the band enjoy the Arena shows you have just done? You were by far the best band out of the line up! You totally rocked compared to the others!
DB: "The short arena tour was fantastic for us, we were on top form for all the gigs and enjoyed it very much, I felt that most of the other artists did not display the same amount of enthusiasm as ourselves, there is a possibility of a further tour sometime in the future."