King Of The Jive - Showaddywaddy (1974)

Composer: Allured / Bartram / Challenger / Deas / Field / Gask / James / Oakes

OK everybody, this is the Duke speaking,
And I want you to all watch me, I’m going to show you how to jive cos I’m the king of the jive.

Been working all day trying to earn some money,
Cos it’s Friday night I’m going dancing with my Buddy.
Hair greased back, got my tight pants on,
Going down town dance all night long.

The kids are rockin’ through the night,
The jukebox shakin’ what a sight
When I get there I’ll set the place alight cos I’m the king of the jive.
(He’s the king of the jive).

Put your left foot back swing your baby ‘round,
You loop the loop what a crazy sound,
Getting’ hot so you’re losing your time, you can’s stop now cos you’re the king of the jive.

Sweatin’ now just a little bit,
Swing your baby round for a double twist.
Can’t stop now too much to lose - you dance all night in your blue suede shoes.

OK kids?
Are you watching me?
I’m The Duke.
I’m going to teach you how to jive!