These questions were added, added 30th October 1999:

From Andy Charman in London:
Dave, when you did a tour in Germany, I think it was in Dortmund, Westfallia Stadium, Romeo had his discs stolen from his pub, did he ever get them returned?

DB: Romeo has never owned a pub, I think the discs belonged to long gone member Malcolm Allured. His heart was never in the band & he left to run a pub, I understand that the stolen discs were a publicity stunt to advertise the pub!

Dave Kennedy from Chapel-en-le-Frith asks:
What in your opinion has been the highlight of your Showaddywaddy career to date and also what was the low point?

DB: Highlight was number one album at Christmas time in `78 - every artist wants the Christmas top album!
Low spot is that we should have been a 6 piece from day one!

I joined the old fan club, when this closed did a new one start up and is there a fan club running at the moment?
DB: The Fan Club no longer exists, though letters etc. can be sent to Jive Entertainments!

Have Showaddywaddy got any new television appearances lined up in the future?
DB: No TV appearances scheduled in near future!

David O'Carroll from Shepperton asks:
When are you going to release any new records/CD's? It drives me mad when all I can see in the shops are the greatest hits.
DB: We are currently negotiating a new album project for next year! Watch this space!

Which members of the group actually wrote the songs?
DB: Dave Bartram & Trevor Oakes wrote all the bands original material!

Whose decision was it to record Under the moon of love as this was a slight change in direction for you? Was it because 'Take Me In Your Arms' never charted?
DB: Under the Moon of Love was given to us by a Rock & Roll DJ in Leicester. We all loved the song & so recorded it! (Thankfully)

When are you going to release all the albums on CD?
DB: Crimson Plc plan to release all the albums in the next 12 months or so!

The first two albums, Showaddywaddy and Step Two were absolutely wonderful. Then you had a change of direction with Trocadero - why this change?
DB: I personally thought Trocadero to be one of our best albums, certainly from a creative point of view!

Have you ever thought about returning to the rockier music as in the first two albums? I think you would surprise alot of people and be onto a winner.
DB: We did a much rockier album in 1991 on Jump Boogie & Jive, I think future recordings will reflect very much what we do on stage!

This comes from Debbie Pearson in Leeds:
Having been to several shows I notice you often 'pick' on a member of the audience to sing a certain song to (or even sit in their lap!) - how do you choose? Do you make a determined effort not to pick shy people who might be embarrassed, or is it funnier if you do?

DB: I don't choose anyone too carefully, it's purely spontaneous. If someone looks fun loving or cuddly then I am drawn to them!

These are from Peter in Cardiff South Wales:
When will we be able to access the Jive Entertainment web-site as I have tried to find it but could not gain entry?

DB: There are still no plans for a Jive Ltd website, as and when there is one it will be purely to promote the company's managed artists.

Where will you be touring in 2000 as I hope to see you in South Wales or Cornwall? I saw you at the 'Hall for Cornwall' in July 1998 and I thought it was the best concert that I have seen since 1982, when I went to Swindon for the 1st time, and that night was the best show. I just would like to thank you for all the concerts that I have been to over the last two decades as you are the Greatest rock 'n' roll show on earth.
DB: Thankyou for your comments on the Truro show! There are no plans at present to visit Devon & Cornwall (though I hope there will be before long)

From Chris and Sandra Hartland in Wales:
Why did Showaddywaddy wear the Teddy Boy Jackets and where did the expression "Teddy Boys" come from?

DB: The Teddy Boy suits were synonymous with the music we were playing! The expression comes from the 'Edwardian' style of clothes!

Stephen Shaw from Northern Ireland asks:
Why were "Three Good Reasons" and "Dot Dot Dot" never released as singles or even album tracks?

DB: "3 Good Reasons" & "Dot Dot Dot" were not considered good enough for public consumption!

And some more questions from myself!

Are there any live audio recordings rather than videos you might consider releasing
DB: We have tried live recordings in the past but can't seem to capture the on stage atmosphere!

I have read that some members owned different shops in the past, eg record shops etc. Who owned which shops and are any still owned by the various members?
DB: The shop you mentioned was part owned by former member Bill Gask. it ran in to financial problems many years ago & was taken over shortly afterwards. I was a partner in a clothes shop in Nottingham in the late 70's and got ripped off by the partner, so called it a day to concentrate on the industry I knew & loved!

Is there any news on your "unreleased masters" that you were telling me about or the new album?
DB: Until I hear something from the companies involved, I'm a little in the dark although the release seems unlikely, until we have sorted out a new album release!

Do you plan to make another "comeback" and release a single, maybe one that would fit in with today's chart style? I know "Why?" wasn't that successful chart-wise when it was released, but I remember you did a lot of television around that time.
DB: It would be foolish to try a new style of music, our motto is 'stick to what you're good at', but you never know in the rock & roll industry what may be around the corner!